BOLDER Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. KG




Bauteam-Realisation (Design & Build)


approx. 4.300 m² GFA | 34.000 m³ GV

Project Term

since 2018

Construction Period

since 2021


BOLDER Arzneimittel is the market leader in the development and contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical pastilles. At the Cologne site, well over one billion pastilles are produced annually for national and international customers. This is done to the highest quality and according to the regulations of pharmaceutical manufacturing (GMP).


Since the relocation of the production facility in 2012 from Cologne South to the current location in Cologne-Marsdorf, a lasting, positive company development has been established and the production volume has continuously increased.
In order to further strengthen the positive development and to be able to realize the growing production volume in the future, the existing production and warehouse building of BOLDER Arzneimittel is to be enlarged on a site area of approx. 12,000 m².
The aim of the expansion is to create additional production and storage capacity. To this end, two new structures will be added to the existing building and the current depot will be expanded. In addition, conversion work will be carried out on the existing building in order to adapt the current technical equipment and supply networks to the new requirements and to give some areas a new function. The production process must be fully assured.


The construction project was initially planned by Carpus+Partner AG on behalf of BOLDER Arzneimittel and, from service phase 5 (implementation planning) onwards, on behalf of CP Bauteam. In accordance with the basic idea of the Bauteam model, the planning process was initially accompanied by CP Bauteam and managed in the further process, so that the know-how of the execution partner companies could flow into the planning process and a demand- and cost-optimized planning could be done.


Based on the implementation planning prepared by Carpus+Partner AG, the project is currently being realized within our Bauteam model.