Sven Hennig in an interview with Anna Flora Schade from RIB Software

In our work we optimize processes and look for digital solutions that make our day-to-day work on the construction site easier.
We found this in the RIB software iTWO site for our construction sites. In an interview, our colleague Sven Hennig reports on how we use the software.

Originally published on RIB Software Blog on 31.05.2022
Interview: Anna Flora Schade
Tags: Software implementation iTWO site

CP Bauteam GmbH is a general contractor with locations in Aachen, Cologne and Hamburg. We work in the Bauteam model, based on partnership and transparency. This means: Planning and execution are devised together with all the team partners from the very beginning. This approach requires a good coordination, even in the early phases of the project. We report on a current project of CP Bauteam in Bergheim, North Rhine-Westphalia. Here, the iTWO site software solution is in use for the first time for CP Bauteam. Construction manager Sven Hennig talks to us about his experience.

RIB: Hello Mr. Hennig, can you tell us briefly about your work and the current project?

Sven Hennig: We are a general contractor, and one of our key area are laboratory buildings. We always work according  to our construction team model which means, that we involve the contractors in the planning at an early stage and also supervise the subcontractors on site. I am currently responsible for a construction project in Bergheim. It is a large laboratory building designed for testing medicines. We started last year in February, and now, in May 2022 we are already furnishing the building.

RIB: How can a digital solution like iTWO site simplify your work?

Sven Hennig: It’s just a matter of simplifying everyday construction work in various places. Since we are on the move a lot on the construction site, an app is ideal. It’s all about the day-to-day business of construction management, and the list of trades represented is long. The overall coordination is definitely very demanding, especially that ob e TBE trades. Not ob e neglected ob e adherence to costs and deadlines. That’s why it makes our work so much easier to have the overall planning in front of us at a glance in the app.

RIB: How does iTWO site now support you in your day-to-day work?

Sven Hennig: When I get to my office container in the morning, I boot up my PC and the first thing I do is open iTWO site and start the diary. However, I only do that roughly, I honestly use the comment field a lot (laughs). My colleague then goes into more detail by going through the site with the iTWO site app. Although we now also have tablets, I still use iTWO site on the computer ob em most part. The log function in particular is used a lot. Every meeting is logged and organized using internal keywords. In this way, the open tasks are recorded in a comprehensible way and can be assigned to specific topics and processed by the team. Yes, and six weeks ago, at the final spurt ob e construction site, we also started with defect management. That’s another new chapter.

RIB: What are your experiences, tell us!

Sven Hennig (laughs): Well, first of all, ob em created a new event type together with RIB: There is now the category “remaining work” in addition to “defects”, which ob e better wording for us. Our new plans are now already full of pins, ob em certainly already recorded around 400 remaining services. It’s straightforward with the tablet. ob e the position in the floor plan via a pin, immediately take the appropriate photo and describe the problem via the voice function. That works and makes our work much easier.

RIB: That means that you yourself are also on site with your tablet during inspections?

Sven Hennig: Yes, exactly. When we do a walk-through with the clients, I stand next ob em and enter change requests directly in the app, exactly in the places where work needs ob e done again. That’s very practical and time-saving.

RIB: How does the communication with the subcontractors work, who then have to take care of everything? Do you already use iTWO for this?

Sven Hennig: Currently, two companies have access to iTWO site, the electrical company and the HVAC company. That is a start. For the other subs, we are still drawing our plans as PDFs and sending them by e-mail. In perspective, we’d like to get to the point where iTWO site is in use by everyone. Ideally, we would like to make the tool mandatory at the start of the projects, but we must not forget that we are in the construction industry. These are craftsmen, and they get things done. We can quickly convince the project management, but we still have a long way to go.

RIB: Of course, new software always requires new ways of working. How do your people learn to work with iTWO site?

Sven Hennig: Oh, it’s a lot of learning by doing at the moment. We currently have five to eight colleagues working on two projects with iTWO site. It’s a trial and error process, we are an agile company and with each employee comes new ideas and perspectives, we exchange ideas and continue to optimize our processes. Over time, we will certainly standardize these more. iTWO site is a comprehensive program and we are very keen to make full use of the system!

RIB: Sven Hennig, thank you very much for the interview!